About Us

TIBS News is a new and exciting sports-reporting organisation which aims to bring you up to date with what’s happening in the sporting world.

Founded from the idea of one of the writers, Luke Augustus, and implemented by another, Scott Balaam, the organisation is a tightly-knit group of 32 sports journalists.

The name ‘TIBS’ stems from the nickname of the group of writers. During our first year of studying Sports Journalism together, at Southampton Solent University, we discovered that Andrei, one of our course mates, had the middle name Tiberius.

Inspired by this, we shortened that further down to ‘Tibs’. Ever since then the name has stuck with the group. Shortly afterwards Andrei returned home to Romania, yet his legacy lives on through Tibs.

When creating TIBS News we wanted to refer to how we came together, so the acronym Tibs was adopted.  TIBS stands for TALKING, INNOVATING and BROADCASTING SPORT and we aim to do just that, in a way that has never been done before.

All 32 writers are extremely knowledgeable in a variety of sports and provide you, the reader, with a deep insight into how the sporting world works.

TibsNews.com is a multi-media website which features articles, blogs and reports on different sports; as well as podcasts and videos on certain issues or topics within particular sports.

We hope to take TIBS News as far as possible.  Spread the word and help us make our dream even bigger and better.

You can also find us on the social media platforms Facebook and Twitter.

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A special thank you to Graham Padmore who without his technological expertise, in creating this website, we wouldn’t have a platform to showcase our journalistic skills to you, the readers.